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Affiliate Program


Welcome to the Australian College of Sports Development. Thank you for your interest in becoming an ACSD Affiliate, under the ACSD campus program. The following information is to help you understand the basis of the affiliate program and what's involved

About ACSD

ACSD is a Registered Training OrganisationRTOid 6930. Our organisation is regularly assessed by Government departments to ensure that all training and education courses offered are delivered in adherence with Quality Training standards. As an RTO, ACSD offers nationally recognised training courses that lead to nationally recognised qualifications or certifications.

ACSD work in close association with industry to ensure that skills learned by applicants are in line with the latest professional and scientific developments, and align with the needs of fitness, sport and martial arts organisations.

ACSD training model

ACSD believes that to achieve competence a student needs to be exposed to quality practical training and enjoyable, informative and stimulating theoretical study.

ACSD together with our "affiliate campuses" provide a robust and rewarding training platform from which students can achieve competence and enhanced "employability skills" in a positive, encouraging and nurturing environment. Employability skills will maximize a student's job opportunities.

This program is about: -

  1. Providing nationally recognised qualifications and certifications for participants in martial arts, sport and fitness
  2. Setting a minimum standard in the industry for instructors and coaches
  3. Creating a more informed and compliant industry
  4. Establishing a culture of compliance to moral and ethical standards
  5. Increasing income for participating affiliates
  6. Raising the professional profile of participating individuals and organisations
  7. Increase job opportunities for individuals in the sport and recreation industry
  8. Promote the exchange of ideas, information and resources between ACSD and our Affiliates

Duties of the “ACSD”

The “ACSD” will provide the delivery structure, e learning, resource material and training support to the students as required, to complete their nationally recognised qualifications/certification.

Duties of the Affiliate / Campus holder

The “Affiliate” must provide sound, well-structured and safe training to the student that compliments the ACSD certification program.


The “Affiliate” must maintain a hygienic, safe and proper premises at all times. Physical such as equipment must be maintained and professional.


The “Affiliate” must provide safe and proper services to a standard acceptable to the community and ACSD.


The “Affiliate” acknowledges they have a “duty of care” toward their students. Care must always be taken to ensure the “safe participation” of all students within the training environment including on or off the premises training.


ACSD provide 3 campus levels: -

Campus Level Cost Benefits
Level 1 Campus No charge Provide nationally recognised qualifications in your organisation.
Level 2 Campus $2000pa
  • Provide nationally recognised qualifications in your organisation
  • Receive income stream from enrolments
Level 3 Campus $5000pa
  • Provide nationally recognised qualifications in your organisation
  • Receive income stream from enrolments
  • Opportunity for employment with ACSD
  • Have your own short courses registered for CEC's, PDP,s and national recognition

Want to know more? Please fill in the Affiliate application form below and we will be in contact within 48 hours.


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  Affiliate Program
  Senior coaches and instructors can deliver nationally recognised qualifications training in their club or school by becoming an approved affiliate of ACSD.

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