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Now you can license the most

comprehensive fitness program!


Here is your chance to be part of a INTERNATIONAL FITNESS PROGRAM driven by the SUCCESS &POPULARITY of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). MMA is on television, pay per view, commercials, billboards and virtually every mainstream media venue. Take MMA, add fitness and add a Nine (9) Time Welterweight Champion, and you have a program that will bring members toyour facility in droves.


- Non Exclusive use of Cage Fitness™ name, logo and all trademarks
- Benefit of all National Media Campaigns
- Ability to use Cage Fitness™ advertising materials, including models/ spokesperson
- Official Cage Fitness™ Charter/License
- Matt Hughes Welcome DVD (looping DVD welcoming members to your Cage Fitness™ Center)
- Start Up kit (see adjacent page)
- "Click and Find" listing on website
- Ability to purchase Cage Fitness™ PATENT PENDING FITNESS DUMMY
- Access to yearly Cage Fitness™ Retreat Workout
- Free Participation at any and all Cage Fitness™ Promotional Classes
- Ongoing Customer Support from Cage Fitness™ headquarters
- Matt Hughes Welcome Banner template (specs included but need to print)
- Audio Management CD on how to implement Cage Fitness™ into your facility
- DVDs with Cage Fitness™ workout and break downs of each exercise taught by Matt Hughes
- Every four months new ads and exercises delivered either by DVD or Web Based
- Basic license, master license & radius restricted license available in most states
- Master license allows for possible appearance by Matt Hughes and potential revenue sharing

License the most comprehensive MMA FITNESS PROGRAM in the market! Ask a Cage Fitness™ representative for details!!

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