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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I complete this qualification?

Getting a qualification is a great way to improve your job prospects, whether you want to establish a career in your discipline or increase your chances of getting a job. The qualification more importantly gives you the skills to open your own business or facility and will even qualify you for the best insurance policies at the best rates!

Does this have anything to do with "regulation?"

This program has nothing to do with government regulation, more importantly it's about self-regulation. Setting a new standard or benchmark for your industry is about being responsible for your industry and your community.

"If we never take a step into the dark we never see the stars, we must become the change we want to see" - Mahatma Gandhi

Why is this different from other courses?

ACSD have gone to great measures to ensure that training exceeds international standards. This course combines up to date theory and practical training via your chosen sporting club, martial arts organisation or fitness centre.

What is a VET?

VET quite simply stands for Vocational Education and Training or training for work. VET provides skills and knowledge for work through a benchmarked training system.

Why should we choose the Australian College of Sports Development

The Australian College of Sports Development (ACSD)is a proven brand. We have facilitated government recognised qualification training (ACSD Australian College of Sports Development) for thousands of martial arts and sport industry applicants. ACSD co-authored the writing of the world's first government recognised martial arts qualifications. (Australia in 2000)

What Qualification Programs does ACSD offer?

The Australian College of Sports Development offer the following qualifications.

  • Martial arts coach certification
  • Advanced Martial arts coach certification
  • Sports coach certification
  • Advanced sport coach certification
  • First aid
  • Sports trainer
  • Fitness instructor
  • Personal trainer

Which qualification is best for me?

You should choose the qualification program that is appropriate for your needs, professional goals, knowledge base and experience. Please read the certification description in the course info drop down menu to assist you in your decision.

Are there any pre-requisites?

It is assumed that before you enrol into any of our programs that you have gained experience in a sporting or martial arts discipline. Your ACSD recognised coach, personal trainer or your instructor will need to provide us with feedback on your practical coaching ability before you can be issued your final certification.

What is RPL?

RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) recognises the skills you have gained from your current discipline other courses, life experience, work experience and training provided at your facility. The RPL process measures your skills against the outcomes of a course or module.

RPL includes course/module exemptions.

It is important to apply for RPL if you think you have already got some experience that might be relevant to your course.

It is important to apply for RPL if you think you have already got some experience that might be relevant to your course.

You can work out whether your experience and/or training is similar to that required by the course/module for which you have enrolled.

If you have already achieved some of the outcomes you might not have to do some of those again thereby saving time and effort.

It means that you only have to do modules which are new, informative and challenging.

It recognises that you are commencing with many skills - that you are not a total beginner.

If you would like to move ahead with the RPL process please contact our admin team on

What is Flexible Learning?

For the convenience of our clients, ACSD offer all courses via flexible delivery. Flexible delivery may be completed via some of or all of the following modalities:

  • Home study (interactive e-learning)
  • Workshop delivery
  • On the job practical

How long does it take to complete a qualification?

Completion time for courses may vary significantly from individual to individual, especially with flexible learning. Once a student can demonstrate competence according to the on-line participation and activities as well as practical participation, they may be signed off for that particular unit or qualification. On average a certificate level qualification usually takes between 3 - 6 months of casual learning, (some choose to take their time and complete it over a 12 month period.)

What martial art, sport coaching, fitness workshops or seminars should I attend?

Seminars are NOT compulsory, however - upon enrolment you will be sent a list of up-coming seminars, held by various ACSD trainers and industry experts. To expedite your learning we highly recommend that you make the effort to attend these workshops as they hold valuable information to not only achieve competence for qualification requirements but will empower you with the knowledge and skills to take your professional ability to the next level.

What is a (CEC) Continuing Education Credit Course?

Qualifications are issued based on the fact that you must remain current and up to date in your industry. ACSD provide Continuing Education Credits (CEC's) courses on a regular basis. If you are an instructor, coach or industry expert we may help you register your course with ACSD as a CEC course. This concept is part of our ACSD Communities Program (ACSD CP) and is designed to create an educational community that will not only strengthen our industry, but provide you with an exciting business opportunity. Please register your interest with

Most full day seminars held by ICK attracts around 5 CEC's. an individual should acquire 18 CEC's within any 3 year period.

What is Competency Based Learning?

Nationally recognised qualifications or statements of attainment are able to be issued once competence has been demonstrated. This may be determined via, course participation / study, RPL or on the job assessment via an ACSD recognised trainer and assessor. Simply ask yourself, can I do the job required for the qualification being sought?

How am I assessed?

All participants are assessed via some or all of the following:successful completion of online assignments.

  • successful completion of online assessments
  • assessment of skills learned at ACSD workshops or seminars
  • completion of a personal portfolio outlining evidence of competence including RPL
  • third party feedback (from your ACSD recognised instructor or ACSD mentor)

Who trains and assesses me?

All training and assessments are conducted by friendly ACSD staff. All of our staff in fahave a common goal, to help you gain your certification!

What happens if I do not pass an assessment?

If you fail to achieve competence in a particular assessment, you will be given extra assistance via our friendly staff. We will re-present the information personally to help you achieve your goal. Only students understanding of the course content will be provided with certification.

How do I become a qualified professional if I am unable to attend a scheduled event?

ACSD provides comprehensive engaging and interactive online learning options that is equal to anything else in the world!Completing your qualification or continuing education course from the comfort of your own home is now easier than ever before. Should time and travel cost prevent you from attending an event in person then we can still provide the necessary training to complete your skills. These programs are specifically designed to ensure proper preparation for successful completion of the certification process.

What is the cancellation policy?

Students that decide not to continue with their course prior to the commencement date will be granted a full refund. Any student who decides not to continue with their course after the documented commencement date will be charged an administration fee of $99 or 50% (which-ever is greater). Any student who cancels after 2 weeks of commencement of the course will not receive any refund and will still be obligated to pay even of on a direct debit arrangement. For extenuating circumstances you must apply in writing to the Director.

How do I enroll?

You may apply to enrol into a course by completing the electronic expression of interest form listed on the enrol page. Once accepted for enrolment the ACSD team will forward to you the electronicenrolmentthat will allow you to complete the final details and gain access to your personal e-learning site.

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  Senior coaches and instructors can deliver nationally recognised qualifications training in their club or school by becoming an approved affiliate of ACSD.

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